Konzept is a fictional convention centre located in Berlin, Germany. 
Knowing that I don't have a physical architecture to draw inspiration from for the design of Konzept's logo, I decided to take inspiration from the city of Berlin itself.
When I think of the city of Berlin I think of creativity, connecting different types of people together, and a strong sense of forward-thinking. Hence, the brand name KONZEPT (Kon·zẹpt) - A flexible space that promotes creative endeavours for ideas of the future.
The logo's foundation is build from the form of Berlin's subway system, an apparent octagonal shape. 
The idea behind the stretched K is that it can go as far as needed be. A space that can host a wide range of events whilst being able to cater into their needs.
As part of the KONZEPT rollout, I thought of creating a fictional event wherein KONZEPT is featuring the works of three of my favourite asian artists. The idea is to have a modern take of East meets West, making new connections through having a dialogue about asian arts and culture.
I call the event  "ASIAN ARTISTS S3RI3S", featuring Ai Weiwei and Cai Guo Qiang of China, and Yayoi Kusama of Japan! 
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